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Birthday Party 

Parents are welcome to bring their child cup cakes & ice cream as well as the accessories needed  for their child's birthday party to be held at Nana's Christian daycare. 

Sesame Street Live 

This is a field trip we take annually the children are excited when its time to go and see Elmo! Where they are encouraged to use their imagination. 

Greenfield Village

 At Greenfield Village the children learned  about the Wright brothers and how their dream became a reality. They built an aircraft not knowing if it would work or not. "If you don't try you will never know if it will work or not". They were able to walk through Henry Ford's house, see his furniture, ride in his cars and play with his toys. They actually saw people planting vegetables and was able to see how they used to dress. It was awesome! After returning to the daycare, we talked about what was seen and touched.
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